Equipping passionate people to work collaboratively in providing practical and emotional support.

Imagine If Trust is a Liverpool based charity, working to bring about transformation through a range of community projects. Our aims are to relieve poverty, promote education and strengthen families.

We are focussed on developing the well being and wholeness of the people we work with. Emotional and practical support is provided but it is intended that those using our services are empowered by becoming better informed and by having a better understanding of their own particular situation.

We aim to benefit a wide variety of people; different projects focus on specific groups but a key aspect is to provide a range of services that will support transformation through holistic change rather than being single issue focussed.

Our Trustees

Chris Staples

John Gibson

John Sloan

Adam Drury

Alison Hughes

Our Staff

James Sloan – Chief Executive

Tom Baskerville – Development Manager (Operations)

Jemma Orange – Development Manager (Community)

Stephen Robertson – Genesis Housing/Christmas Meal

Julie Connolly, Jenny Gibson – Streetwise

Alison Hughes, Anna Edwards, Darren Stephens, Marisa Cole – Foodbank

Tammie Leddy – Food Hub

Vikki Jones, Nina Shackman, Zoe O’Brian, Hannah Farrell – Sticky Fingers

Jon McCowen, Sue Farmer, Gareth Williams, Kayleigh Conroy, Sarah Davies, Jenna Johnson – Sticky Fingers Day Nursery

Jenny Gibson, Beth Jones – Just Dance/Cheer

Tasha Pettman, Hannah Sloan – Romance Academy

Chris Paton, Claire Bowers – Family Matters

Felicity Dobrushi – Bab-Ftah

We also have an amazing team of volunteers who make what we do possible. They are not listed here but we would like to thank each of them for the time that they give. Thank you!

  1. hi i am wondering how i can get help in getting a voucher of you to help me get food as i am not on enough to live on my money got stopped and when i got it back they never put my money up and it still is not right so i am strugling on getting food and to pay my bills so i would like help of you i got told that i could fill a form out on line and i can not find it to fill it in that is why i am sending you this

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