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Help Us Inspire Change

Who we are...

Imagine If is a Liverpool based charity running a number of projects that aim to relieve poverty, promote education and strengthen families.

Imagine50 is a group of local businesses that work together to support these aims and transform the lives of local people.

Why we're doing this...

To enable local businesses to play their part in supporting local people in Liverpool. This city has a proud history of unity and looking out for those that need that extra bit of support.

Imagine50 aims to create a unified way that local businesses can come together under one banner and by each giving a small amount each month, make a big difference in their city. In order to operate each of our projects we rely on the generous support and funding of our donors.

By establishing this scheme we are able to secure a steady and reliable source of income to move towards sustainability, while businesses are able to give to something worthwhile, tick corporate responsibility boxes and be a part of a citywide movement for change.

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What we're asking...

We are asking local businesses to commit to giving at least £50 each month to the work of Imagine If Trust. 100% of money given will be spent in Liverpool to directly impact local lives.

Each month we will communicate to each of the businesses signed up some information about how the money is used and what their support has enabled.

What you'll get...

  • Monthly email updates of what the donations have enabled for you to share with your customers.

  • A wall plaque to show that you are part of the Imagine50 group.

  • Access to any publicity, posters and fliers that are used as part of the Imagine50 campaign.

  • Tax relief on your charitable donations




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