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1.8 Million People

over 75 in the UK are profoundly lonely…
this is increasingly being described in the
media as an epidemic

Linking Lives is a befriending service that offers companionship to lonely and isolated older people in our community. Our volunteers regularly visit individuals in their own home for a chat, to share in an interest or hobby, or perhaps to accompany them on a short trip out.

According to Age UK, Wavertree ranks in the top 60 (out of 32,000) most lonely areas for older people in the UK. A regular visit from a friend can help to remind them that they matter. Ensuring people have regular personal contact has also been proven to improve their health and general wellbeing.

Volunteer visits improve the quality of life for isolated older people by increasing opportunities for engagement in the community, leading to improved mental health and increased confidence and self-esteem. Volunteers also benefit from learning about the experiences of those from other generations. In the first year we expect to recruit 10 volunteers to visit up to 20 older people on a weekly basis.

If you’d like to know more about volunteering or making referrals please email

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Before I could go a week and not see anyone…

Nesta, 89, was referred to the service by one of her sons after her husband passed away. Having lived a very full life, Nesta was struggling with isolation now that her friendship circle was diminishing and she found it more difficult to get out of the house. She was matched with a volunteer, Tricia, in 2018 – and the pair have struck up a great friendship.

Nesta says, “It feels great to get out of the house. Trish will pick me up and we go visit a garden centre or go to a cafe. And she calls every week to check on me. I think Linking Lives is a great idea. Before, I could go for a week and not see anyone. That was hard.”

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I love spending time with my new friends.

Richard signed up to volunteer with us in 2018 and was matched with a gentleman who had become isolated due to dementia and hearing difficulties. Richard started visiting this gentleman once a week for games of chess, which had been a favourite hobby of his friend for much of his life and has proved a fun activity for both men.

Richard says, “I find volunteering for Linking Lives so rewarding. What better way to spend time than making a positive difference in someone's life? It is certainly not any effort or inconvenience. I love visiting and spending time with my new friends.”