Chocolate Wonderland - 6th April

Following on from last year’s successful Family Easter event - which was a complete sell out we’re excited to announce that tickets are now on sale for the amazing Chocolate Wonderland!

Step inside our wonderland for an evening of disco, food, fun and surprises! We will be serving afternoon tea and treats including cakes, crisps, sandwiches, fruit and a chocolate fountain!

The event is on Saturday 6th April from 4pm-7pm. Tickets are £6 each and free for under 1’s.

Tickets are 'egg'stremely popular so booking is essential! Email to book your tickets or for more information

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Highlights of 2018…

Highlights of 2018…

It’s been another enjoyable year at Imagine If, here are some of our highlights…

TOP: Get Real parents seminar, Just Cheer Competition winners, Mad Hatters Family Ball, BBQ at Barrow House.

MIDDLE: Nursery Staff BBQ, Genesis Housing redecorations, Love Congo Health Centre opening ceremony, First patient admitted to Health Centre.

BOTTOM: Food Hub, Christmas Fundraiser raises £2,200, Sticky Fingers Christmas Special, Christmas Meal feeds 280.

Love Congo

The joy and pain of Congo…

Last month I travelled to the DRC with a team from Liverpool. As the elections draw nearer in the capital city of Kinshasa, the instability in the North East of the country has grown progressively worse. The pressure of this has been felt specifically in the border town of Kasindi where there are now over 6,000 displaced families who have fled their homes to escape the rebels and the constant threat they pose.

The arrival of these Internally Displaced People (IDP’s) has put increasing pressure on the town in terms of it’s infrastructure but also on the people who live there, many of whom exist on around $2 per day. Whilst the town is home to a number of wealthy individuals, the majority are living hand to mouth, in extremely challenging situations.

3 Years.jpeg

When we visited in April 2016, we began to make plans for a health centre that would serve this displaced community who have made Kasindi their temporary home. In 2017 I had the privilege of seeing the shell of the building coming together as work progressed slowly. Last month I was overwhelmed with emotion as we cut the ribbon to officially open the health centre. It has become a focal point in the community and has already created 9 jobs. It feels in many ways that though it is only a building, it resembles partnership, love and most of all it represents hope, a new hope.

One of the highlights for me was visiting a piece of land 6kms out of the town that we are renting for displaced people to grow crops. The land is about 3 hectares and provides an allotment sized space for 89 families. Not only was it an encouragement to see how this was giving them a crop and a means to sustain themselves but we were amazed how they had pooled their land together in order to produce a greater yield and a more effective outcome for everyone. It summarises the culture that is so often apparent in developing countries that ‘together we are stronger’. It’s not a slogan on a t shirt or a campaign message, it’s a way of life and often (sadly) a necessity.

The hardest moment, as always with these trips, was being confronted by extreme poverty and suffering at it’s worst. We entered a house shared by 3 families, or what was left of those families. One lady in the house had fled to Kasindi after her husband and 3 children were murdered by rebels. We listened, speechless, to her story and held back tears as she explained how she had been left with nothing but she thanked God for the little help we had provided. As we left one of our team embraced her in a long and emotional hug, it was a picture I chose not to take on my camera but it will remain with me for a long time. In many ways that moment sums up why we spend hundreds of pounds on air fares and hours travelling overland, simply to embrace those who are dealing with the effects of humanity’s worst and to tell them they are not forgotten.

We cannot change the situation overnight in the Congo, rebels will continue to kill and rape, politicians will continue to turn a blind eye and all the while innocent civilians will suffer. However, I’m driven by the fact the little we can do is making a huge difference to those we encountered and spent time with. So on their behalf… Thank You! Thank you for your generosity, support, prayers and kind words. God bless you, James

Christmas Meal 2018

Every year we host a Christmas Meal for those in the local  community who may be isolated, vulnerable or struggling financially.

We provide a 3 course meal served by a dedicated team of volunteers, with prizes, games, live entertainment and music. 

If you'd like to attend, make a referral or find out about volunteering please e-mail

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VACANCY: Operations Manager

Imagine If Trust.jpg

Position Overview

To facilitate the administration, activities and income of the organisation.

Responsible to: Chief Executive

Hours: 3 days per week (24 hours)  

Salary: £18,000 FTE 


Areas of Responsibility 

1. Administration Support 

  • Support the CEO with implementing strategy and organisational progression. 

  • Work with project managers to increase project efficiency, sustainability and impact.  

  • On-going review of the effectiveness of delivery against organisational objectives. 

  • Manage donor databases and update records.

2. Generating Income 

  • Oversee and develop the ‘Imagine 50’ business campaign. 

  • Seek new fundraising opportunities with grant-making bodies. 

  • Secure sufficient funding to cover existing activities.  

  • Carry out monitoring and evaluation for successful grants. 

3. Partnership and Profile 

  • Develop complementary partnerships with other agencies and organisations to further the strategic aims. 

  • Increase the profile of Imagine If Trust with grant funders, agencies and those awarding contracts for services. 

  • Engage with and maintain the Christian ethos of the charity.

  • Oversee social media accounts.

Person Specification  

  • Organised, motivated and ability to take initiative.

  • Great people skills to interact with colleagues, volunteers, service users and partner organisations.

  • Experience of managing projects and budgets.

  • A good understanding of monitoring and evaluation including the reporting of outcomes and impact.

  • A good understanding of using IT software.


This is an ideal opportunity for a recent graduate or someone with previous experience of working in the charitable sector. The post is subject to a DBS check.

If you think you fit the bill and are looking to take on a new and exciting challenge, please complete the Application Form accompanied by your CV and send it to The closing date for applications is Friday 9th November at 5pm. We look forward to hearing from you!

Christmas Fundraiser 2018

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Our annual Christmas Meal Fundraiser is back! This year we have booked the Devonshire House Hotel for an evening of food, festive cheer and fun to raise money for our Christmas Day Meal. 

'Early Bird' tickets are £20 per head, or £180 for a table of 10 so why not get friends, family and work colleagues together for a great evening to kick off the festive season and support this worthy cause to help us put on the best Christmas Day celebration yet!

VACANCY: Nursery Practitioner

Day Nursery jpg.jpg


Job Role

To run daily activities for children aged 2-4 within the daycare facility.  

Hours: 16 hours per week                      

Salary: £8.20 per hour

Qualifications: B-Tec, NNEB or NVQ Level 3 Childcare or equivalent

Experience: Experience of working in a setting offering childcare to preschool children.




Areas of Responsibility:

  • To plan and organise (with support from Nursery Manager and Nursery Supervisor where appropriate) a high quality learning environment, ensuring that it is stimulating and welcoming to all children.
  • To be able to plan, observe and record children’s interests and developments, ensuring children’s learning needs are met in appropriate and creative ways in accordance with EYFS.
  • To work closely with the Nursery Manager to ensure all legal requirements and standards are met at all times in line with OFSTED and the Statutory EYFS Framework.
  • To use ‘2buildaprofile’ tracking software provided by Sticky Fingers Day Nursery to assist with Planning, Observation and Assessment.
  • To follow Sticky Finger’s Day Nursery Procedures and Proformas for reviewing and assessing each child’s progress.
  • To be fully involved in the life of Imagine If, getting involved in one off events and endorsing our Christian ethos.
  • To work with the wider Imagine If team to establish and maintain positive relationships with parents in a way that supports the children’s learning and development and parental involvement.
  • To be an effective key person to a group of children.
  • To take part in all aspects of the daily routine to include toileting/changing, meal times and cleaning duties.
  • To maintain high standards of accuracy and confidentiality in record keeping.
  • Ensure that all Sticky Fingers Day Nursery policies and procedures, including Safeguarding and Health and Hygiene procedures are adhered to and concerns are reported in line with these. 

If you think you fit the bill and are looking to take on a new and exciting challenge, please complete an Application Form, accompanied by your CV, and send it to Closing date is 5pm Wednesday 29th August 2018. 

Introducing Linking Lives

We are working in partnership with Mossley Hill Churches to develop a befriending scheme called Linking Lives. The project will connect volunteer visitors with lonely, older people in the community. Referrals will come from GP’s, social workers and through personal connections. This builds on 4 years of running our ‘Forever Young’ group for older people in our building. We found that many were not able to attend due to mobility or ill health.

According to Age UK, Wavertree ranks in the top 60 (out of 32,000) most lonely areas for older people in the UK. A regular visit from a friend can help to remind them that they matter. Ensuring people have regular personal contact has also been proven to improve their health and general wellbeing.

Volunteer visits improve the quality of life for isolated older people by increasing opportunities for engagement in the community, leading to improved mental health and increased confidence and self-esteem. Volunteers also benefit from learning about the experiences of those from other generations. In the first year we expect to recruit 10 volunteers to visit up to 20 older people on a weekly basis.

If you’d like to know more about volunteering or making referrals please get in touch.

Linking Lives.jpg

Love Congo Trip Feedback

Myra Louise.jpg

Myra Sloan and Louise Brockbank have recently returned from a visit to the DRC to visit the various aspects of our Love Congo project.

The team travelled from Kampala to the Congo border with the 6 large solar panels bought for the health centre. The town of Kasindi is in close to the Virunga National Park but over 100 miles from where two Britons were recently kidnapped and a similar distance from the other troubled areas further north. It is seen as the place of safety to where displaced families are fleeing. This is placing great pressure on the local resources.

The medical clinic building is progressing and once the doors and windows are fitted the solar panels can be screwed securely on the roof. There is great interest in town and people are looking forward to the clinic opening.

There is a pressing need to transfer into the building as soon as possible as the small mud hut where the team presently work is starting to disintegrate and is far too small to meet increasing patient numbers.

The trickle of families running from rebel activity or other massacres has swelled to over 40 families a week. The local families often take in the new arrivals but this is getting very tough.

We had planned to reduce our child feeding program and move towards farming projects but the need is too great at the moment so we are continuing. As Myra was visiting the school she recognised one of the girls who looked happy and well nourished. Looking back on photographs from 2 years previously she found her picture and is was heartening to see how she had been transformed along perhaps with many others that Myra didn’t remember.

The school started 2 years ago in the church building is now officially open with its own classrooms and following the national curriculum. It feels like a very ordered and happy little place. We need three more classrooms and hope we can purchase some land next to the church compound.

The chickens which many of you purchased as Christmas gifts have been a great encouragement to the families who received them. It was fun to walk round the area visiting them. We have asked them all to hatch one of their eggs and return a chick which can be given to another family.

The local mayor is really positive about the projects in Kasindi and was very keen to be facilitating. He has helped us to find some land just out of town that we can rent for refugee families to farm so we have rented 3 acres which will be enough for 70 to families to have a parcel. The land can produce 3 crops in a year and then we can review the success of this project.

Education and training are a vital part of improving health. Dr Louise spent two afternoons teaching local doctors and nurses at the local government hospital.

We spent a whole morning with over 100 local women ( and a few men) helping them to understand the functioning of their bodies and the risks of multiple pregnancies or teenage births. There was great buzz with lots of questions and each lady went home with a little gift bag!

Imagine 50 Campaign

Who we are...


Imagine If is a Liverpool based charity running a number of projects that aim to relieve poverty, promote education and strengthen families.

Imagine50 is a group of local businesses that work together to support these aims and transform the lives of local people.


Why we're doing this...

To enable local businesses to play their part in supporting local people in Liverpool. This city has a proud history of unity and looking out for those that need that extra bit of support.

Imagine50 aims to create a unified way that local businesses can come together under one banner and by each giving a small amount each month, make a big difference in their city. In order to operate each of our projects we rely on the generous support and funding of our donors.

By establishing this scheme we are able to secure a steady and reliable source of income to move towards sustainability, while businesses are able to give to something worthwhile, tick corporate responsibility boxes and be a part of a citywide movement for change.


What we're asking...

We are asking local businesses to commit to giving at least £50 each month to the work of Imagine If Trust. 100% of money given will be spent in Liverpool to directly impact local lives.

Each month we will communicate to each of the businesses signed up some information about how the money is used and what their support has enabled.


What you'll get...

  • Monthly email updates of what the donations have enabled for you to share with your customers.
  • A window vinyl to show that you are part of the Imagine50 group.
  • Access to any publicity, posters and fliers that are used as part of the Imagine50 campaign.
  • Tax relief on your charitable donations



If you would like to sign up please e-mail and we'll take it from there! 

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Mad Hatter.png

We're excited to announce a new event for 2018...Our 'Mad Hatters Family Ball'. This is an event for the whole family, young and old. There'll be afternoon tea, games and dancing as well as a few surprises! 

It will be on Saturday 10th March from 4pm-7pm. Juice will be provided for the young ones and we'll selling a range of soft drinks as well as our 'Mad Hatter Mocktails'. 

£8 for Adults
£5 for Children
Free for under 2's

Tickets are available from the Sticky Fingers team, Frontline reception or through paypal to

Foodbank Update

Foodbank Logo.jpg

From 1st January 2018 Central Liverpool Foodbank is no longer in operation. This change will not effect anyone wanting to donate food or any service users receiving food. 

Frontline Centre, St Gabriels and Deeper Life Bible Church will now operate as distribution centres of South Liverpool Foodbank and Kensington & Fairfield Centre will operate as a distribution centre of North Liverpool Foodbank. Each of the 4 centres will continue to distribute food as per usual at the same times. 

The benefit of these changes is a reduced operating cost across the Trussell Trust Foodbank Network in Liverpool, making the best use of all donated income to feed those in poverty across our city. 

North and South Liverpool Foodbanks will continue to work collaboratively through the Every One Counts campaign which raises funds for the 2 Foodbanks to continue their work. 

For further information please contact or

Highlights of 2017

Highlights of 2017

It's been a busy 12 months here at Imagine If. Here are some of our favourite pictures from 2017.

Top row: Kidz Klub at Bab-Ftah. Decorating Sozo House. Tim competing in the Liverpool Marathon.

Second row: Garden work at Barrow House. Nursery graduation. Ladies Night.

Third row: Foodbank donations. Nursery renovation. Sarah Joy Marshall appointed Get Real manager. 

Bottom row: Congo Health Centre. Christmas Meal Fundraiser. Christmas Meal. 

Foodbank Opening Hours

Below are the opening times for the 4 centres operated by Central Liverpool Foodbank. 

From January there will be a number of changes as the 3 Liverpool Trussell Trust Foodbank's merge into 2 Foodbanks. Essentially Central will cease to exist and our 4 centres will become part of the North and South Foodbanks. 

There will be no change to the way donations are made or to how guests receive their food, each of Central's 4 current centres will continue to operate in the same way. The changes we have made are in order to provide sustainability going forward and to work as cost effectively as possible. 

From January all enquiries regarding Frontline (Wavertree), St Gabriels (Dingle) and Deeper Life (Toxteth) will go to and enquiries regarding All Saints (Kensington) will go to

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Report from my trip to the DRC

by James Sloan 

Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has displaced over 3 million people and many of these are now living in extreme poverty, especially in the North-East of the country. An estimated 4,000 displaced people have fled to Kasindi, an urbanisation of around 50,000 people, close to the Ugandan border. In November, Doug Penman and I travelled to Kasindi to visit the projects that 'Imagine If Trust' and our partner charity 'New Hope' have been supporting.

Health Centre

IMG_3766 (2).JPG

Construction of the health centre has made good progress with the walls and roof timbers all finished. It was such a joy to see it taking shape after many months of planning. It feels huge in amongst the small mud huts that are spread throughout Kasindi. The centre will contain 20+ beds across 4 wards, diagnostic equipment and an operating theatre employing around 10 staff.

Feeding Programme

Alongside the health centre, we have been financing a feeding programme through a local church. Displaced families bring their children 3 times a week for a cup of porridge and assessment by a nurse. It was an honour to serve the porridge to these beautiful little children who beamed with joy to be served by Mzungu's (white people). The nurser running the programme has reported weight gain in many of the children since beginning the scheme. 

Primary School

After our visit in 2016 we saw that many of the displaced children were unable to afford education and spent most days on the streets. After some investment in classrooms there are now over 100 pupils who attend school every morning during the week. I had the privilige of attending the school's official opening ceremony. 

Internally Displaced People

One of the highlights for me was meeting one of the displaced people who fled his village early in 2016 after rebels attacked. He was a cobbler but had left all his equipment along with his wheelchair in the village when he fled. When we met him in April 2016 he was crawling on his hands and knees with no means to make a living. During our visit in March 2017 we were able to take him some shoe making equipment and a wheelchair. It was a joy to meet him and his family again and hear how he has been able to provide for his family! 

I'd like to say a huge 'thank you' to everyone who has supported the project financially and in prayer. I cant begin to tell you how much of an impact your generosity is having in the DRC!

If you would like to find out more please e-mail

Voices from the Congo

Come and join us at Constellations on Sunday 29th October for an evening of spoken word, poetry and performances to celebrate Black History Month. Entrance is FREE. 

3848f2de-0bb5-4867-a927-75aadff91c77 (2).png

FREE Film Morning - Moana

Our film events are always popular with young families. This time we're showing a firm favourite with adults and children - Moana! 

Doors will open at 10am with the film starting at 10.30am. As always there will be a range of snacks for sale including sweets, popcorn and pick n mix. 

We hope you can join us. All are welcome! 

e34ed80a-3f0a-438b-9578-6bf97ec66b81 (2).png

Sticky Fingers is back!

With the start of term around the corner we're getting everything ready for Sticky Fingers to re-open. Both the playgroup and the Nursery will open on Wednesday 6th September. 

If you would like to enquire about a nursery place for your child please call 0151 522 1385 or drop in anytime for a visit. 

We look forward to seeing you! 

Kasindi Health Centre

Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has displaced over 3 million people and many of these are now living in extreme poverty, especially in the North-East of the country. An estimated 4,000 IDP's have fled to Kasindi, an urbanisation of around 50,000 people, close to the Ugandan border. There is one small hospital attempting to meet their needs.

UNICEF report the rate of maternal mortality in the DRC is 13 per 1,000, neonatal mortality rate is 42 deaths per 1,000 live births and infant mortality at 92 per 1,000. There are only 0.1 physicians per 1,000 people and a total health expenditure of $15 per capita.


We are currently providing healthcare through a rented clinic, supported by 3 nurses. Teams from the UK have supplied medicines, training and advanced procedures to those in need whilst a new health centre is being built. Once completed, the centre will become a community hub for the thousands of IDP's who have fled to the area. We propose that many of the displaced people, with whom we already have contact, will access the health centre and register as patients.

Nurses will carry out routine vaccinations for children as well as providing multivitamins and worming tablets. Women and girls will be offered family planning and sexual health services. A general appointment will cost $2 and a delivery $5, half the price of the government hospital. The centre will contain specialist equipment, a theatre and 2 wards, employing around 10 staff.


  • Over 3 years we expect to improve the lives of around 15,000 people in extreme poverty.

  • Through the training of 50 local leaders we will educate and empower local women and girls to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

  • As a result of the increased health care and education, there will be a reduction in both infant mortality and under 5’s malnutrition as well as a general increase in quality of life.

After 3 years of investment in the project we expect that there will be enough well trained locals to maintain the provision of affordable healthcare as well as continuing the community education. We expect to continue to work with the project in years 4 and 5 with no financial input required, only offering support and troubleshooting where required.


If you would like to make a donation please visit our fundraising page at If you would like to make a larger donation please e-mail for more details.

Family Fun Day

On Saturday July 22nd we are holding our final event of the school year, a fun day for all the family. Come and join us from 10am for games, inflatables, crafts, prizes and refreshments. Entrance is completely FREE with a small charge for food and drinks. See you there!