We are working in partnership with Mossley Hill Churches to develop a befriending scheme called Linking Lives. The project will connect volunteer visitors with lonely, older people in the community. Referrals will come from GP’s, social workers and through personal connections. This builds on 4 years of running our ‘Forever Young’ group for older people in our building. We found that many were not able to attend due to mobility or ill health.

According to Age UK, Wavertree ranks in the top 60 (out of 32,000) most lonely areas for older people in the UK. A regular visit from a friend can help to remind them that they matter. Ensuring people have regular personal contact has also been proven to improve their health and general wellbeing.

Volunteer visits improve the quality of life for isolated older people by increasing opportunities for engagement in the community, leading to improved mental health and increased confidence and self-esteem. Volunteers also benefit from learning about the experiences of those from other generations. In the first year we expect to recruit 10 volunteers to visit up to 20 older people on a weekly basis.

If you’d like to know more about volunteering or making referrals please get in touch.

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