The DRC is a beautiful country set in the heart of Africa, yet it has seen some of the worst violence since World War II.  The effect of a continual power struggle between leaders has been catastrophic, with more than four million people killed since 1998. Violence is particularly strong in the North-East of the country close to the border with Rwanda where the rebel groups operate. Many have suffered horrific abuse, including rape and sexual slavery by armed groups, which has contributed to the advance of HIV/Aids.

DRC: Country Facts

Population: 67 million
Life expectancy at birth: 59 years
Adult literacy rate: 67%
Access to improved water source: 58%
GDP per capita: US$1,155*
Infant mortality rate: 112 per 1,000 live births
Maternal mortality rate: 670 per 100,000 live births
HIV prevalence: 2.2%

Sources: World Bank, World Heath Organisation

Our ‘Love Congo’ project works alongside partner organisations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), we provide practical and financial support in a number of areas to help bring about change to these people. The projects we support are based in Butembo, a city of around 800,000 people, many of whom are war refugees who have fled from the local villages.

Our work comes under 3 main areas:

We support an NGO called Amikale Amka, working with destitute women in and around Butembo. Many of them are widowed due to the violence and many have had to flee their homes due to the constant threat from rebel groups. Amikale Amka provide a safe place for them to learn new skills, make a small business and most importantly to find friendship.

We support a local school called Uamusho School. They have over 300 pupils, around 30% of whom are orphans and cannot afford to pay their school fees. The support we provide means that these children can continue with their education, ensures that all the teachers are paid a salary each month and also enables the building of new safer classrooms.

Through our partners Promicofinance we are able to assist local people in Butembo to start new businesses or develop their existing business with a low interest micro loan. These can range from $50-500 for individuals and $1,000+ for schools or medical institutions. Through our support they have been able to double their lending to local people in Butembo.

If you would like to know more about any of our work in the DRC please e-mail