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Genesis Housing

Genesis Housing

Genesis Housing works to house people from all across Liverpool with various housing needs. We work on a referral basis, having the majority of our clients sent to us through various agencies in the city working with homelessness. We provide the tenants with long term support, including one on one mentoring, personal skills development, employability workshops and volunteering opportunities.

We offer shared accommodation in a three bed female house in L15 (Sozo House) and a four bed male house in L8 (Barrow House). Our properties are ideal for clients who have been in hostels for a while and looking to move on to more independent living. Our aim is to enable people to reach their full potential and work with them to avoid homelessness, secure stable accommodation and emlpoyment, education or training.

If you would like to know more or make a referral please contact

Barrow House

Sozo House



Streetwise provides practical and emotional support to street sex workers including the provision of tea, coffee, sandwiches, toiletries and condoms. We aim to provide a safe place for the workers to come and discuss concerns or fears. They can also request a volunteer to support them when attending official meetings such as court cases.

"The service you carry out is much appreciated, much needed and much thought about.

You give constant care and treat us with respect. You’re there for all our needs even though you don’t have to be."


Every Friday and Saturday night between 9pm and midnight, our volunteers are on hand to provide support to the women, men and transgender working around Sheil Road. We have up to 40 volunteers who have a wide range of jobs, from students to solicitors, and mum's to medical practitioners.

For more information e-mail

Love Congo

Love Congo

Our ‘Love Congo’ project works alongside partner organisations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), we provide practical and financial support in a number of areas to help bring about change to these people lives. The projects we support are based in the North East of the country, where many people have been displaced and are living in extreme poverty. If you would like to know more about any of our work in the DRC please e-mail

Providing Rehabilitation

We support NGO’s working with destitute women in and around the North Kivu province. Many of them are widowed due to the violence and many have had to flee their homes due to the constant threat from rebel groups. Our support helps to provide a safe place for them to learn new skills, gain access to micro finance loans and most importantly to find friendship.

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supporting displaced people

Violence in the DRC has displaced over 3 million people and many of these are now living in extreme poverty, especially in the North-East of the country. We have been able to purchase land, crops and livestock for the displaced people to make a living.

enhancing Education

We support a primary and secondary school in Butembo called Uamusho. They have over 300 pupils, around 30% of whom are orphans and cannot afford to pay their school fees. The support we provide means that these children can continue with their education, ensures that all the teachers are paid a salary each month and enables the building of safe classrooms.


Establishing Healthcare


In November 2018 we opened a new health centre in the town of Kasindi, close to the Ugandan border. The centre will specialise in child and maternal health, and is only one of 2 health centres in a 60 mile radius. Find out more here.