Family Matters is focused on providing support to those who want their families to be the best they can be. Family life is filled with both joys and difficulties and it can make such a difference to families to have others coming alongside them to help them with their journey.

Our courses are all run by volunteers who have been trained to facilitate sessions that are interactive and enjoyable.

"I loved the course.  It has really helped me and made a massive difference to my family and made me think twice about my parenting decisions"


Raising children can be a physical and emotional roller coaster! And that’s why mums and dads need all the support they can get – not only to help them through the joys and challenges of being a parent, but also to keep their own relationship strong.

‘Time Out For Parents’ is unique in that it adopts a ‘parent to parent’ approach, as opposed to a ‘professional to parent’ approach, in the way in which it is led. The course is preventative and relationship based and provides a safe place for parents to meet with other parents, share experiences, boost their confidence and develop new skills that will be invaluable in their parenting journey.

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