Young people need high quality Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) so they can make wise and informed choices. Through ‘Get Real’ we aim to see young people having the skills and knowledge to make positive choices about their future relationships.

“Despite previous education I now feel more confident and informed about my own views and ability to make decisions.”

We do this through offering SRE sessions, seminars and courses within schools or other settings; ranging from youth groups to universities. We believe all age ranges can benefit from good quality SRE. We cover a wide variety of topics from sexually transmitted infections and contraception to body image and self-esteem.

We are also passionate about seeing parents, carers and teachers educated and empowered, in supporting young people in the area of sex and relationships. We fully support the belief of most parents that home and school has a role in SRE. That is why as an organisation we provide teacher, parent and carer seminars in a variety of areas to help teachers enhance teacher-led sex and relationship education, as well as empowering parents/carers in discussing these challenging topics with their young people.

‘Get Real’ brings together the expertise of experienced youth workers and qualified health professionals with a range of experience in women’s health, sexual health, unplanned pregnancy and post abortion support, sexual assault, pornography and youth work to bring you tailor made sessions and courses specific to the needs of your group.

“The team have the right balance; they are informative and add a sense of fun to learning.
The programme is extremely professional and they tailor make it for the needs of the students.
We would highly recommend them.”