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Sex Workers…

are reportedly selling sex for as little
as £4 in areas of the city



Streetwise provides practical and emotional support to street sex workers including the provision of tea, coffee, sandwiches, toiletries and condoms. We aim to provide a safe place for the workers to come and discuss concerns or fears. They can also request a volunteer to support them when attending official meetings such as court cases.

"The service you carry out is much appreciated, much needed and much thought about.

You give constant care and treat us with respect. You’re there for all our needs even though you don’t have to be."

Every Friday and Saturday night between 9pm and midnight, our volunteers are on hand to provide support to the women, men and transgender working around Sheil Road. We have up to 40 volunteers who have a wide range of jobs, from students to solicitors, and mum's to medical practitioners.

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